• Does the lock still work when the power goes out or when the wifi fails?

This lock does not need external power supply, as it is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. In case you do not have access to wifi, only the functions accessible from the cell phone are lost, but the lock continues to work in person with 4 of the 5 unlocking methods (Fingerprint, IC Card, code or keys)

  • Can this lock be unlocked remotely?

Yes, you can unlock the door from your cell phone. The lock has a self-locking system, If no one pushes the door to open it, the self-locking system will leave the door closed again. To see how to register or unsubscribe a user, refer to the programming guide.

  • How many users can have a lock key?

The lock supports a maximum of 300 different users between fingerprints, codes or cards (three are supplied initially) of which 9 of them can have an administrator role. You can unsubscribe users who no longer use the lock to keep this high number of active users.

  • What is the difference between administrator and regular user?

The administrator user can register or unsubscribe other users or can change the language of the lock. Normal users can be temporarily blocked from the inside.

To see how to register or unsubscribe a user, refer to the programming guide.

  • Is it recorded who opens the door?

From your mobile, you can check who and when opened the door, in a minimum period of the last 30 days. In the app's user management, you must name the codes used to facilitate identification.

  • Are there temporary keys?

Numeric keys can be indefinite, temporary with a limited period at the time of creating the key or dynamic, single-use and with only a few minutes of validity.

  • Can I see who is at the door at any time?

From inside the house, the screen works as if it were a digital peephole. From the smartphone, the screenshot is only activated when someone at the door presses the doorbell that is built into the keyboard.

  • What is the thickness that the door should have?

This lock comes prepared for doors from 4 to 11 cm thick. You will need to trim screws and bolts as they fit your door. Watch the installation video tutorial to see how you should do it.

  • Do you need electrical connection?

No, it works with a rechargeable lithium battery

  • Can it come with another lock body?

Yes, but only on request with a delay of one to two months

  • Do you have any extra security?

From inside the house, you can lock the door with an additional latch.

  • How long does the battery last?

The battery is rechargeable through a micro USB port like that of smartphones. The average time between recharge is 4 to 6 months in a family residence, depending on the frequency of use.

  • What if I run out of batteries?

The lock can be opened with a key supplied in the package and additionally has a micro USB port on the outer face (camouflaged) to activate the unlock in case of absence of batteries.

  • Can I charge the battery from the outside?

No, the outer micro USB port does not charge the battery, it only serves to power the lock in the absence or discharge of the battery. The lithium battery should be removed from the inside and recharged when necessary.

  • Does the lock warn if the battery runs out?

The lock begins to generate an alarm when it is close to depletion of the load. In this state, it is still possible to unlock the lock up to about 100 times, although it is recommended to recharge as soon as possible.

  • Do you have offers if I buy several?

This model does not include volume discounts. We have other models for this.

  • Can I buy the lock directly with you?

No, our only sales channel is through Amazon, which supports us with logistics. All the stock is in their warehouses.