To meet the needs of security prevention and modern management in home, office and intelligent community, we have launched fingerprint + card + password lock module. With the advanced fingerprint identification, contactless card and password as the door key, and a variety of modes to choose from, it is more flexible, more convenient, and more secure!

  1. 1.Product advantages and features

> The door can be opened by fingerprint, card, password and remote control

> A variety of door opening modes are optional, strengthening the security level of the lock

> The adding and deleting of accounts is managed by numbers, easy to operate > Have the function of preventing others from peeping password

> Startup self-test, intelligent identification function module, quick optional function, such as fingerprint + password or card + password, etc.

> All components are international famous brand products with stable performance and reliable quality.

> The door lock modules are waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew-proof > High and low temperature, vibration and aging tests are conducted on the door lock module adapt to harsh environment.

Power supply 4.5V-6.5V (4 dry batteries)

Typical static current <50 ua (battery life is over a year)

Working current <250 ma (strong driving ability)

Number of fingerprints

Totally 251 users (100 for fingerprint users, no limit for other cards users or password)

Resolution ratio: 500DPI

FRR - 0.15%

FAR 0.00004%

Working temperature: -10V-60°C

Relative humidity: 20% — 93%

11. Other instructions

  • If the password is wrong for more than 6 times, the keyboard will be locked for 1 minute and the system does not respond to any operation within 1 minute.

Password anti-snooping function: when opening the door, enter the password as follows: XXX Password XXX; you can add some irrelevant code before and after the password, and then press # to confirm. The password must be included in the entered content.

  • If no operation for more than 12 seconds, the system will exit automatically

➢ When the voltage is lower than 4.8V, the lock will automatically alarm every time. After the alarm, the lock can be unlocked for 200 times. After exceeding the number, it will be delayed when you open the lock, please replace the battery before exceeding the number.

Under the initialization state, enter "55666888#" to switch languages. Both Chinese and English are supported